Our Firm

Bogart Robertson & Chu LLP is a boutique law firm specializing in institutional and corporate commercial real estate transactions...

Bogart Robertson & Chu LLP is a long established and respected boutique law firm which specializes in representing institutional and corporate clients in their commercial real estate transactions.

The emphasis of our practice is to provide personal and attentive service of the highest professional quality. Our firm’s focus is to help you, our clients, accomplish your goals fully and on time. To do this we strive to understand your business so that we are better aware of your needs and concerns.

We provide legal advice to you so that you are aware of all legal implications of your intended transaction or course of action. Legal risks are presented as issues to be addressed and solved rather than as obstacles to completing your transaction or reaching your desired result.

We believe in adding value to your endeavours rather than being simply being an additional cost of completing your transaction.